Thursday, February 03, 2011

Movie Dreamcast?

As the movie of the musical Les Misérables seems to finally be happening (rumor says in 2013), basically every Les Miz place is discussing who should play the part. Everybody has ideas and usually very strong opinions. And while I do have very strong opinions when it comes to this musical (lol), I think it's a really difficult question. Because to so many of us this movie is really important! No matter who they cast some people will be unhappy.

Personally I think this should not be a hollywood cast (although that would probably bring more money), and no "pop star" cast either. I would like to see REAL musical performers in the parts. So that's the focus I will have when listing MY favrourite/s for each part. So here we go...

Jean Valjean - Michael Maguire or David Shannon
Javert - Earl Carpenter or Michael McCarthy
Fantine - Lea Salonga
Thenardier - Alun Armstrong
Madame Thenardier - Jackie Marks
Enjolras - Killian Donnelly
Eponine - Nancy Sulllivan
Marius - Jon Lee (which goes against my "no pop star" rule, but he is SO great as Marius and not only pop star) or Alistair Brammer
Cosette - Gina Beck
Grantaire - Anthony Crivello or Jeff Nicholson

so...what is YOUR movie dreamcast?